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Gold number charm designs to express yourself!

Gold number charms pendants are the most popular jewelry for self-expression. Keep your lucky number close with our charming collection of 14k solid gold number charms. This striking and modish ornament piece is attention-grabbing and completely customizable. These gold number charms are the perfect gift for your family and friends. It comes in single-digit numbers and double digits numbers or initials. Solid gold number pendant charms are fantastic on their own, but they can be paired with all outfits. People love to worn special numbers to make significant dates,  birthdays, or for luck. Our gorgeous and elegant collection of 14k solid gold number pendants styles provides endless fashion options. Our number pendant charms are made out of 14k solid gold because it is an elegant and trendy option to dress up any outfit. Gold number charm ornament can be worn daily for any occasion. These enchanting gold number charms will complement your style! Below is the list of some gold number charms.

Gold number 4 charm:

Celebrate your special moment of like or put a jersey number on display, our beautiful 14k solid gold number 4 charms makes a fantastic addition to your wardrobe. Our superb number pedants offer plenty of meaning at the same time and its two digits are sure to be your favorite choice for any occasion. This adorable and elegant style gold number charm comes in different finishes.

Gold number 7 charm:

If you are searching for a subtle and graceful piece of gold ornament, our 14k solid gold is a chic ensemble for all-day comfort. This sophisticated gold number 7 jewelry is easy to style that can dress up any outfit for a charismatic look! Our appealing and gorgeous 14k solid gold number charm is a marvelous gift for your loved one.

Gold number sweet 16 charm:

We have a splendid 14k gold number 16 charm pendant collection for you to choose from. Our bold and unique piece of ornament is perfect to make a statement. This tempting gold number pendant can be dressed up in any outfit!

Gold number 19 charm:

Our gold number 19 charm is a favorite to show off a lucky charm. These stunning pieces showcase one or two digits in a classic varsity-inspired font. Our lovely designed number pendant is finely crafted of 14k solid gold. A marvelous addition to your ornament wardrobe, this modish and charming gold number pendant makes provides an alluring gleam.  You can visit our online shop to view our captivating collection of more personalized gold pendants to love for a beautifully balanced look!

Gold number 21 charm:

Looking for a gold number pendant? whether it's your lucky number or a certain year, our magnetic chick gold number 21 charm is perfect for your favorite outfit. This glamour and lightweight 14k solid gold number charm is easy to wear and makes a fabulous addition to any outfit.  With bold, classy style and attractive finish, this jewelry is an ideal piece for showcasing an item number, lucky number, or birth year. Whether you are dressing up for everyday style or an occasion, our gold number pendant charms are a conversation starter.

Gold number 28 charm:

This incredible modish style gold number 28 charm features a number display of your favorite number. Our bold and unique piece of ornament can give your favorite outfit the ultimate finishing touch for a charming look!

Gold number 31 charm:

Check out our astonishing personalized collection to help you celebrate your most precious moments of life from the heart and enhance your statement look. Our 14k solid gold number 31 charm pendant is the perfect gift for your mother, daughter, grandmother, sister, niece, and best friend.

Gold number 35 charm:

Our versatile piece of gold number charm is an everlasting first impression. Our pretty 14k solid gold number 35 charm is a perfect marvelous present for a birthday, family anniversary, wedding, and valentines day.

Gold number 55 charm:

Our delicate 14k solid gold number pendant charm 55 is a great piece to enhance your everyday fashion. This beautiful number charm is a simple yet modish design that helps you to celebrate your memorable moments from the heart. You will love this splendid pendant is a superb addition to your wardrobe. You can pair this wonderful and sleek number charm with an elegant top. You can buy this bold and unique gold number pendant charm from our online shop

Gold number 88 charm:

Our beautiful 14k solid gold number 88 charm makes the perfect addition to your marvelous ornament collection. This gold number charm represents some special meaning such as your lucky number, jersey number, birthday, age, phone number, and anniversary. Our gold number pendant is a special gift for an occasion like birthdays, anniversaries, valentine's day, Christmas, Halloween, and more.

Gold greek number charm:

Are you searching for a lovely gold greek number-themed pendant? This is the perfect choice to wear with an array of outfits. Our beautifully designed gold number charm is easy to wear and can be worn on a dazzling chain necklace or bracelet.  This breathtaking and unique 14k gold number greek pendant is a great jewelry gift for your mother, father, wife, sister, brother, daughter, son, friend, niece or nephew, coworker, teacher, and employee. Our beautifully designed 14k gold number greek charm comes in three unique eye-catching colors white, yellow, and rose gold.

Gold number 99 charm:

Our eye-catching impressive style 14k gold number 99 pendant charm can be dressed up in any outfit as a statement piece. This exclusive style gold number charm is a kind piece of jewelry that makes a fantastic addition to your ornament collection. Our charming and alluring gold number pendant is a thoughtful and lovely gift for a special person in your life.

Final thoughts:

People love to buy number charms to commemorate a birthday, or lucky numbers, and to honor a special event in your life. These adorable gold number charms represent the special date of birthday, anniversary, the birth of a baby, or graduation. Most popular age-specific numbers charms include sweet 16, 18, 22, 35, 40, and 50. You can also buy the popular lucky numbers 1,3,7 and 33 from our online shop.

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